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Planning Permission, what you need to know.

Do i need planning permission for my new driveway?

The simple answer is no, as long as

- if your drive slopes towards the road a channel needs to take the water and discharge it into a soak away (see below)

- if the drive slopes towards the house a channel takes the water to a soak away (see below)

- resin bound gravel or permeable paving does not need planning either

Our designer will be able to discuss what is required during the free design consultation.

Meeting the new rules for paving your front garden, call 01992 577034

The Rules

‘New or replacement driveways or paving over 5m2 located between the front of a house and the street – unless it is permeable paving or drains onto a permeable area in the garden will need planning permission.

No Planning Permissions is required if.

Permeable paving is used or when using standard paving rainwater is directed onto a permeable area in the garden such as a soak away, just like the driveways below.  Conventional paving simply slopes so that water runs off into the garden and is stored temporarily or is channelled to a soak away. Then the water can soak into the ground or evaporate just like the driveways below.








We are fully trained and recommended by Marshalls to install their permeable paving products.

Permeable paving is designed to allow rainwater to filter through gaps between the blocks  into a permeable sub-base below with enough space to store water for a short time.











Planning permission will take upto 8 weeks and cost £200 and you will not necessarily be permitted.

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